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ASPiRE Honors Community Partners

ASPiRE appreciation eventOn April 25, ASPiRE honored its community partners by hosting an appreciation event in the fireplace lounge at VCU’s West Grace South Residence Hall. More than 20 community partners and ASPiRE students attended.  

Erin Burke Brown, ASPiRE director, thanked the partners for serving as co-educators to ASPiRE students.

“Our partners are an essential part of what makes ASPiRE successful,” she said.

According to Nannette Bailey, ASPiRE’s community partnership coordinator, the annual appreciation event provides an opportunity to thank community partners for allowing ASPiRE students to work alongside them, addressing critical community needs. 

“Without our partners, we would not be able to engage our students in meaningful and impactful service opportunities,” Bailey said.

ASPiRE student Courtney Latourrette concluded the event by sharing her experience volunteering with various community partners. She explained how the combination of working in the community and taking classes with ASPiRE has helped her to better understand her privilege in relation to the families served by many ASPiRE community partners.

“Thank you for helping to make me a better person,” Latourrette said.