Community Fellows Program

The ASPiRE Community Fellows Program seeks to enhance the transformative nature of ASPiRE’s relationships with its community partners by engaging nonprofit leaders from the Richmond region with ASPiRE students, staff and faculty.

ASPiRE Community Fellows are nominated by the Richmond Community Foundation and must be graduates of Nonprofit Learning Point’s Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program. Community Fellows commit to work with the ASPiRE program for one academic year and agree to:

  • serve as a member of the ASPiRE Community Partner Advisory Board
  • mentor a minimum of two ASPiRE Student Fellows throughout the year, and
  • provide a minimum of four guest lectures or workshops to ASPiRE students, staff or faculty per year.

Local nonprofit leaders who wish to be selected as an ASPiRE Community Fellow must complete an application outlining their community engagement experiences and expertise as well as the proposed foci for guest lecture and/or workshop presentations. Co-teaching experiences with ASPiRE faculty may also be available to Community Fellows.

Fellowships are nine-month appointments that begin August 15 and end on May 15. Fellows receive $500 per year. Between three and six community fellows will be funded each year. Upon successful completion of their first year, fellows may apply for and serve one additional fellowship year.